Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today's Elmira Independent carrys this story: "CPAC members withdraw applications". While technically accurate several points need to be raised. Firstly to date neither Sandy Shantz nor Ken Driedger have withdrawn their applications. Secondly the withdrawal of Richard Petrone's application is both a joke and an insult to both the citizens of Woolwich and the new Council. I sincerely hope that his application was immediately thrown into the trash bin based upon his own behaviour or rather his non behaviour at CPAC meetings. Basically he wasn't there, meeting after meeting. Then he undoubtedly with the assistance of those masters of deception Pat and Susan, had the unmitigated gall to claim he was withdrawing in protest. BULLSHIT ! My respect for former Councillor and CPAC appointee Sandy Shantz continues to grow as I learn that many former CPAC members including her and Dr. Henry Regier were interviewed either by Council or Woolwich Staff months ago. She agreed to this interview despite deciding at the end of the CPAC term last fall that she did not wish to rejoin CPAC.

I would also like to point out the high road that has been taken by our new Woolwich Council. On one hand Ron Ormson apparently believes that the new Terms of Reference "suggest a lack of trust for the work of the previous advisory committee." In line with that is the old CPAC's criticism now of these Terms of Reference and yet there were only two people who spoke at either the Committee of the Whole (March 22) or to Council (March 29) and that was myself and Ken Driedger. Both of us had suggestions and criticisms which we expressed and to which Council listened. Furthermore the withdrawals of their Applications occurred BEFORE the new Terms of Reference were enacted less than two full days ago. Council and the Mayor have been very patient and tolerant of the old CPAC's whining. They have taken the high road by not publicly disparaging or criticizing these former volunteers. If Ron Ormson's above opinion is accurate then the public should be asking the question what were the old CPAC doing which caused this alleged lack of trust. To that end, I have repeatedly advised readers of the Elmira Advocate of the old CPAC's failures.

Finally in her article Gail Martin of the Independent has suggested that no one with previous experience or knowledge of the history of CPAC will be sitting at the new CPAC table. Really? Isn't it just a little premature to suggest that? Afterall Mayor Cowan in his interview has suggested that the appointments will be made public on April 12, 2011 which is only 12 days away. On that date we will know the makeup, quality, and experience of the new CPAC.

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