Friday, March 25, 2011


First of all call me naive. Call me Pollyanna but I believe that two local newspapers are a luxury that very few towns our size will ever have. I consider the K-W Record while a very good paper, absolutely not our local paper. Yesterday's Elmira Independent has the following story "New CPAC terms of reference approved" and tomorrow's Woolwich Observer (out today but not online till tomorrow) carrys this: "Council adopts new guidelines for CPAC". Whether these papers agree on an issue as they appear to on this one or not, the point is that the readers receive the benefits of two professional writers describing the news.

The Independent's article mentions " A proposal was put forward by councillor Mark Bauman, and accepted by his fellow councillors that, in the future, the term of CPAC would extend six months after the current term of council, to allow time for a new committee to be appointed without "having work come to an abrupt stop." ". While this suggestion certainly caught me by surprise, I must say that I too can see the merit in it. It would be nice if this Council gets it right, that future Councils won't feel the need for wholesale changes. But who knows. The Independent article also mentions my information that there are other below ground wastes in Elmira which need remediation. Specifically and obviously one of these is the underground DNAPL (dense non aqueous phase liquid) behind Varnicolor, near the water tower.

The Woolwich Observer mentions that Mayor Cowan campaigned "...On a new role and focus for the organization" (ie. CPAC). Mayor Cowan also apparently suggested to reporter (& Editer) Steve Kannon that Council will appoint the new CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee) members in the next two or three weeks. This is obviously a good thing. Steve Kannon also quotes yours truly at this Committee of the Whole meeting as supporting many of the changes in the CPAC Terms of Reference. Further he mentions my suggestions concerning CPAC having the right to censure parties (eg. Chemtura & their consultants) for serious non cooperation and again Steve mentions my assertion that Chemtura is not the only source of groundwater contamination within Elmira.

Huge progress on the Elmira cleanup is nearly here!

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