Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Is there any chance that they could be a source of the contamination of the Municipal Aquifer that closed the drinking wells in Elmira 22 years ago? The simple answer is of course they could be. Is there overwhelming proof to back this up? The answer at this point in time is absolutely not. Due to, in my opinion, intentional non investigation of other sources (other than Uniroyal/Chemtura) the hydrogeological investigation in this area has never been done. It still could be and should be. The only reasons for being suspicious are the nature of the business and well CH38 located at Oriole Pkwy and Industrial Dr. Historically high readings of NDMA in this location simply don't match that which is coming from Uniroyal. Yes Borg is a possibility but keep in mind Sanyo are literally right there. In regards to the nature of the business, cutting fluids are a strong concern. Everything from straight water to solvents and or emulsifiers are routinely used in metal machining industries. Only an honest investigation will determine the truth. To date we've had no such thing.

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