Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Following is a list of wells which have disappeared ie. Missing In Action from the Region's Annual Water Quality Reports between 2002 and 2010.
CAMBRIDGE: Middleton G22, Pinebush G28, Rahman's P14, Shades Mill G29, Turnbull G20, G27

KITCHENER: Mannheim K20, Parkway K30, Strange St. K9, Greenbrook K7,

WATERLOO: Erb St. Reservoir W22, William St. pumping station W12

Possibly the increased numbers of missing wells in Cambridge reflect the greater numbers of wells than Waterloo has but the same can't be said for Kitchener. My strong suspicion is that these either shut down or pumping to waste wells reflect groundwater contamination in each city. Detailed reports should be made available to the public each time a well is either out of service permanently or for more than a week or two. There is way too much flexibility in the Provincial Safe Drinking Water Act to allow municipal governments (eg. Region of Waterloo) to hide serious groundwater contamination issues from the public. An informed public might actually demand improved cleanup of contaminated sites if they knew the true cost to our drinking water supplies. I'll just bet that when the Lake Erie Pipeline is back on the table, then our municipal governments will be only too keen to tell us that they've just discovered the perilous state our groundwater is in.

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