Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Wow if I ever doubted it before let me just say here that municpal Councillors don't get paid nearly enough. From in camera meetings starting at 4:30 pm. until 10:30 last night, it was almost non stop. The level of upset between neighbours was but one of the issues on the Agenda last night. Apparently drainage problems are front and center involving two properties and more at the intesection of Regional Road # 86 and Northfield Drive (# 22). This one may take the wisdom of a Solomon to figure out.

As expected the new Terms of Reference for CPAC were presented to Council by Staff. Clearly both Staff and Council are crossing their T's and dotting their i's on this matter as they indicated the extent of consultation with various interests. I made a brief presentation to Council regarding these Terms of Reference and will shortly be following it up with my written comments.

Also presented to Council by Staff were comments on the Region's Annual Drinking Water Report. These I also spoke to and pointed out that my study of these Annual Reports indicated that the main issues weren't occasional reported exceedances as much as the data and relevant information that simply is never included in these reports. This too, I hope to follow up with written comments to Council.

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