Thursday, March 3, 2011


In yesterday's Elmira Independent, my Letter to the Editer was published. Basically I am responding to the feign moral outrage over the last several weeks by Susan Bryant and Pat Mclean. My Letter to the Editer suggests that what they are outraged about is that the new Council did not automatically rubberstamp the old CPAC, the way former Mayor Bill Strauss and company did. Now I found the title put to my Letter to the Editer to be a little deceptive, whether intentional or not. The title "New township council is "cleaning house" at CPAC is not what I said. If the Editer of the Independent, Gail Martin, believes that to be the case then fine she is entitled to her opinion. Not wishing to be hypocritical I will state that if indeed a number of the old CPAC aren't reappointed then I certainly will not be unhappy. Also I am the first to admit that it has been a long difficult wait for the new CPAC to be announced.

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