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 I believe he did this initially on October 26, 2023 when he had TAG member and councillor Eric Schwindt read his written words into the October TAG Minutes. Sebastian repeated it this past spring both at TAG and when he gave myself a copy. While I have found Sebastian's delicate balancing act with TAG/TRAC and CPAC/public very difficult to fathom nevertheless I know that Sebastian has somehow squared the circle of working within a co-opted, tame and deferential alleged "citizens" committee. I could not and will not do it.

Sebastian's presentation to TRAC speaks volumes. It is both well written and smoothly written to minimize angst and anger from TAG & TRAC.  That said it is also honestly written from the heart and the mind and deserves a second appearance here and frankly should be read to TRAC at every public meeting. Don't hold your breathe on that one. Here it is again:

"Being on TAG and predecessor CPAC, for over 12 years now, I have experienced first-hand what transpires in terms of the citizens review process. It is deficient, in large measure because of the imbalance between the company, the MECP, and the citizen representatives. This is partly because of the capitol the company has at it's disposal and, related, the technical expertise it can command. The sad reality is for third parties (e.g. GHD) to be unduly influenced by the company's interest; "he who pays the piper calls the tune". The reports and presentations over the years have been favourable to the company.  All of these are placed in a format of irrefutable and wholly "objective" science. There is rarely a critical word. Against this, a committee of laypersons- most of whom are not technically proficient in hydrogeology- are overwhelmed with detail and outmanoeuvred. Not surprisingly, they become deferential to appearance rather than really expose the substantive. And what is that?  We are just five years away from when the remediation of our groundwater was to be completed. We are at least several decades away from coming even close to achieving that.

To decrease that timeline, TAG or equivalent need to have more means to challenge the company's performance. Getting more specialists who are not beholden to give truly independent reports would be a start. If that is too much, than at least allow TAG o have whatever report comes from a company-funded consulting group subject to a third party peer review. These could come from academe or they could come from genuinely autonomous environmental consultants, i.e. out of province. What should also be considered is allowing the silenced to be heard. There are individuals who have first-hand knowledge about the company's activities who have a non-disclosure covenant. They should be allowed to speak publicly. The closer the scrutiny, the more likely that some of the self-serving assumptions and hypotheses can be exposed. Only then will a degree of balance return in our relationship and some genuine progress be possible.

-Sebastian Siebel-Achenbach "

Neither Woolwich Council nor TRAC have made any acknowledgement to CPAC, the public or likely even themselves as to the veracity of my, CPAC's and Sebastian's submissions to them about the dishonesty of the alleged review process, citizen's committee and alleged "cleanup".  This ignoring of the facts screams corruption, loud and clear, to the informed and honest. Once again I expect that I will be sending this post along to Woolwich Council and TRAC.  I expect nothing honest from either but am simply laying the written groundwork for their future exposure and repudiation.

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