Monday, July 8, 2024


I mentioned in my Saturday  post, two days ago, that I had received positive feedback from a number of citizens. Well I've also received a little from a local politician. It has been polite with a hint of assistance being suggested. We are currently working out details such as when, where and with whom. Of course all politicians have had thirty-five years to get this overloaded, overweight monstrousity back on the tracks, unsuccessfully.

There have ben a thousand meetings, a thousand promises and at least ten thousand lies.  Hundreds perhaps thousands of reports have been written. Most have been trash as they were paid for by Uniroyal and successors. Many have been written by the Ontario Ministry of Environment albeit usually months or even years too late. The polluter and newer corporate entities have run the "cleanup"  from start to finish. The "finish" is pretty well here and it's a stinker. NO Creek (Canagagigue) cleanup to date and no groundwater cleanup anywhere close to drinking water standards to date or likely within the next thirty or more years.

So why more talk? Well because! That's what politicians do. They talk. Every once in a while they solve something but that's primarily decades along when all the original victims and complainants are dead and buried. It is so much easier negotiating with second and third generations because they have fewer first hand memories of the lies, pain, death and betrayal by our authorities.  Maybe the Elmira cleanup is ready to join those ranks. I won't be holding my breathe waiting.   

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