Tuesday, July 9, 2024


 The article in the July 26, 2016 Waterloo Region Record is titled "Water cleanup won't meet deadline" and is written by Paige Desmond. The following folks are all interviewed including councillor Mark Bauman, Jeff Merriman (Chemtura), Terri Buhlman (MOE) and TAG Chair Dr. Richard Jackson.  Dr. Jackson has suggested that a significant part of the problem is back diffusion whereby contaminants that have migrated into clay and silt aquitards will slowly migrate back into the groundwater as it becomes cleaner. He also suggests that this information has only been known "...in the last twenty years or so..." which means that even before the off-site pumping system was up and running (1998) they knew that more needed to be done. 

Dr. Jackson also suggests that another fifty years will be needed to clean the water. Terri Buhlman at that time (2016) stated that Chemtura must meet its' deadline. Funny thing how it was a deadline then but now they are trying to call it a goal. Lying garbage as always. Chemtura have suggested that no further means will be taken although promised increased off-site wells are scheduled . Those turned out to be tiny pumping wells that only assisted tiny off-site hot spots in the aquifers. 

In fact Chemtura/Lanxess have never achieved significantly higher pumping rates and in fact have gone months and years with pumping rates below their own consultants Target Rates since learning that their 2028 cleanup date will not occur.


  1. is Nathan the "new and improved" reincarnated Mark Bauman the twofaced flip-flopper , oh oh If So? he's got to go!

  2. Mark Bauman was much more subtle and sneaky. He told people what they wanted to hear not what he believed or would actually do. Nathan is bad but less subtle.