Saturday, July 6, 2024


 Good question. Lets just say that more people tune in when I am directly confronting Woolwich Township's behaviour. That said I often wonder how much decision making occurs behind the scenes (CAO especially) versus in Council Chambers. My thoughts are that the mayor and CAO decide privately first what they want to feed to councillors and then look for ammunition, fake evidence, alleged comments from local business leaders etc. If necessary reports can be solicited whether from consultants or staff to support their final position all the while attempting to mold councillors' positions to their own. It really is a poor example of democracy and over the decades I have heard former councillors take on the entire process. It includes lobbying either the dumb on council and or your supporters and only after you've got a majority to then present it to the likely holdouts.  

I am already receiving feedback from various sources regarding yesterday's posting titled "Thirty-five years of Professional Lying Agreed to by Current TRAC Member Sebastian". Two points on that : firstly there was a typo in the first sentence with the date. It should have been August 26, 2023 NOT 2013. Sorry folks. Secondly what Sebastian has "agreed to"  is not the specific words "professional lying" but more accurately he has agreed to some consultants being client driven or in his exact words "...unduly influenced by the company's interest; "he who pays the piper calls the tune"".

Overall the feedback I am receiving is very positive. Citizens do not like being lied to and surprise, surprise, liars really hate being called liars. It's almost as if they feel that lying is a right and that their status or authority should infer some immunity upon them from direct charges of being liars. Good luck with that Woolwich & fellow travellors.   

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