Wednesday, July 10, 2024


 Seriously it was!  Myself and Mark K. sat down with councillors Nathan Cadeau and Eric Schwindt as well as with Mayor Shantz. It was prearranged between myself and councillor Cadeau and I had made it quite clear that I was bringing Mark to speak to the councillors and mayor about local companies (Kitchener) with world class expertise in remediating highly contaminated soils.

Overall I view it as a very good meeting. For nearly two hours we listened to Mark and asked questions as well. In my opinion Mark presented very well and likely has convinced maybe two and maybe three of the attendees that the latest remediation technologies have advanced to the point that maybe Lanxess themselves might feel that they are better than never ending pump & treat technology.

At the start of the meeting Nathan Cadeau made it clear that  he had a bone to pick. This was fully expected by myself and hence I cut him off at the pass by advising him and others that I was only there to facillitate  Mark's presentation to councillors and mayor. Nearing the end of the meeting both councillor Schwindt and mayor Shantz had other engagements and departed. I was getting ready to depart as well when councillor Cadeau asked me to stay for a couple more minutes. Mark also stayed. Well Nathan as I expected was all upset about various communications I've had with Sebastian, Woolwich Council and or my Blog postings.

While glad that we got Mark's presentation done first I still wasn't interested in a she said, he said with Nathan . I've talked to him before both verbally and by e-mail and he has an uncanny ability to ignore facts that don't support his position while dredging up the weakest, most irrelevant drivel to bolster his position. Seriously I don't argue with children no matter their age. Sure enough he accused me of gaslighting him (i.e. being deceptive or lying) at which point I told him to "fuck off" and I departed but not before advising Mark that he had made good inroads today and I felt he had a rapport with Nathan and should continue on.

So all in all a great meeting despite Nathan's nonsense and bullsh*& at the end of it.


  1. does Nathan want clean drinking water for Elmira or ?