Saturday, July 1, 2023


 Well neighbours and or local critics can likely say I told you so. No matter what the development they always seem to expand down the road once established. That said however the one advantage of hindsight is that the company now have a history that can be examined. It is my understanding that they have actually done much better than many expected on the odour front. Yes their neighbours such as the Pet Food plant still get odour complaints but Woolwich Bio-En appear to have an excellent handle on handling odours from municipal garbage that they convert into methane which is then used as the fuel to run generators to produce electricity. That electricity is then put into the power grid. 

The doubling of capacity will both increase electricity production as well as producing renewable natural gas (i.e. methane with lesser sulpher and carbon dioxide in it). This natural gas will be sold to the existing Enbridge natural gas grid. Current electricity output is enough to power about a third of the residential homes in Elmira. Woolwich Bio-En Power Inc. have applied to the Ministry of Environment for various approvals and the expansion plans seem to match with the province's call for more capacity to process organic material. (diverting it from landfills) as well as for more renewable energy. On that front Premier Doug Ford's government seem to be coming around from their first year in office. 

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