Wednesday, July 26, 2023


Well at first glance (ha!) benzene was detected along with several other chemicals. Granted it is early days yet but so far I haven't found any claims of coal tar paving being found which is odd when you recall the e-mail from Lubna (MECP) claiming that coal tar paving was the problem and the source of benzene leaching into the soil which was removed.  The really good news right now of course is that the Region have provided almost everything requested plus lots more. 

I have sent a Thank You e-mail to Boris (RMOW) effusively expressing my appreciation. That e-mail of course was cc'd to all the other stakeholders including CPAC, Woolwich Observer, public, four Woolwich councillors, TAG, RMOW and MECP. As part of their road repairs/updates the Region (RMOW) looked at local conditions and businesses that could have environmental consequences upon their project and hence some of their soil testing was adjusted accordingly. To date I can not yet be certain if any signature Uniroyal chemicals were included in some of their testing. 

Indirectly I suspect that at least a couple of CPAC's (Citizens Public Advisory Committee) questions remain unanswered such as Rich Clausi's question as to whether the remaining soil in place has been certified as clean.. Also to date I have not seen any rationale or scientific reports suggesting that old, buried coal tar paving can leach benzene or other compounds into the natural environment. Also I see no explanation or suggestions to date in the reports attributing the benzene to coal tar paving or to anything else. Of course I still have lots of reading to go so I'd better get at it.

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