Thursday, July 6, 2023


 Nope it wasn't me. In fact it wasn't even public. Seven years ago a citizen sent an e-mail to Woolwich Council namely Sandy Shantz, Mark Bauman, Larry Shantz, Murray Martin and Scot Hahn and Patrick Merlihan. It is notable that Mr. Merlihan was the lone councillor who spoke firmly against Council's awful semi-censorship policy regarding bring Uniroyal/Chemtura issues directly to Council versus their dumb idea of insisting that citizens first go to RAC, a pathetic, biased committee of council.

The e-mail recently came to my attention and it is a dandy. The well informed citizen quoted and produced specific sections of Woolwich's Procedural Bylaws particularly Section 10 which deals with Behaviour at Council meetings. Sections 10.1.1, 10.1.2 and 10.1.7 were all quoted and the violations of them by Murray Martin and Sandy Shantz were pointed out. Oh my but there is no hypocrite like an elected one is there?

Eventually Councillor Murray Martin received his comeupance as he was unceremoniously dumped at a following election whereas Sandy Shantz is still waiting for her further and final public humiliation. Along the way she has had a few well deserved political bumps and bruises but so far the electorate have been far too kind to her.   

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