Monday, July 24, 2023


 Still waiting. Frankly I am doubtful that all the documents requested from the Region/MECP actually exist. Seriously what is to stop the Region from finding off-site (northwards) Uniroyal Chemical pollution , reporting it to the MECP and asking for direction. Now keep in mind that the Region also signed a private agreement with the Ministry of Environment (MOE) back in the day. This agreement likely covered extra costs above the water pipeline paid by Uniroyal and may even have covered various unexpected down the road issues say like new off-site pollution as an example. 

So with their agreement in mind would the Region balk if the MECP suggested look let's not raise a can of woms (i.e. northward off-site contamination), let's just blame old, buried coal tar paving for the necessary cleanup? Now of course if I'm wrong then then both parties should be very quickly coughing up the lab reports they claim to have. Now there is yet another scenario possible. Maybe coal tar paving was found and removed out of an abundance of caution and both parties have simply lied to the public about having sent any soil samples or more for labratory testing.  

Swinging over to IMICO (International Malleable Iron Co.) they are currently subject to an OLT (ontario Land Tribunal) hearing regarding the MECP's three decades plus mishandling of toxic contamination. They and the City of Guelph who own the property want it developed into "affordable housing"  and they appear willing to jump through all kinds of hoops and loops, not necessarily in the public interest, in my opinion. This "affordable housing" even includes no residential homes below the second floor (i.e. off the ground) as well as more contaminated areas being used for common outdoor areas ( park, picnic, playgrounds?). It's hard to imagine DDT and dioxin contaminated soils here in Elmira being developed into residential housing but IMICO has petroleum hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and trichloroethylene (TCE) in their subsurface so who knows.  

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