Saturday, July 8, 2023


 The timing is interesting. Currently "Lac Megantic"  the Documentary is playing on television (Ch. #5). It is disturbing when we learn that the disaster was less of an accident and more of a direct result of intentional failures in government oversight (TSB, Transport Canada) in conjunction with allowing profit motivated corporations to make their own operating rules. Funny thing (not) how these rules are self-serving and save the rail companies money in the short run. Then in today's newspaper (K-W Record) there is an article about the fishing boat sinking on Canada's east coast on December 15, 2020 that cost six men their lives. It turns out that proposed Transport Canada stiffer rules are not adequate to prevent future commercial fishing boats from sinking. These stiffer rules ignore recommendations from the Transport Safety Board advising Transport Canada to do stability testing for all commercial fishing boats going to sea. Finally also in today's newspaper is an article about new technology in commercial planes including pilotless technology. However do not be concerned as we are advised that Transport Canada are all over this one and ensure Canadians that they will oversee and supervise these emerging technologies at their usual high standards.  Yikes! Oh and I forgot to mention that I recently read a book about the plane crash that took the life of Grant Notley the then Opposition Leader in the Alberta legislature back in the 1980s.  It turns out that Transport Canada had a problem keeping up with regular inspections of both aircraft and pilot hours and the flying conditions they were ordered to go out in, in northern communities . Plane crashes soared as a result. 

All of a sudden automobiles, much to my surprise, seem less dangerous in comparison than I know they are. Here in Ontario I can say this: both our local police as well as our Ministry of Transportation are hopeless when it comes to enforcing traffic laws. The police make serious efforts in regards to speeding and drunken driving but everything else is totally ignored. Wandering between lanes, lack of turn signals, travelling slowly in the fast lane, braking and slowing unnecessarily on highways have all become routine due to zero enforcement of the traffic laws. News flash: many of these behaviours are about distracted driving which I refer to as HUA or Head Up Ass and distracted driving kills and maims just like drunken driving does. When lazy and incompetent drivers are not given tickets much less even pulled over for these offences then they cease to realize that they are both dangerous and illegal. 

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