Thursday, July 20, 2023


 Five days now since I responded to the Region, four Woolwich Councillors (out of six) and the MECP (Min. of Environment). Nothing back! Naughty! The Woolwich Observer on the other hand recognize local concerns and published a story in today's edition. Well done!

Regarding the four councillors I picked the four I had the most confidence in. Now absent the mayor I have very little experience with Kayla Grant. Hence I would like to be wrong about her based so far on very limited evidence. That said I think our local Council has a major duty to find out more about the Region's and MECP's claims regarding old, buried coal tar based asphalt (i.e. macadam). To put it very bluntly the word of the MECP is worth less than nothing. Provide councillors, CPAC, the public, TAG and the media with the lab reports allegedly showing benzene concentrations in soil beneath Church St. East. Obviously other lab results for these soils should also be included. Also provide a detailed map showing all sampling done including for what contaminants and exactly where the samples were located. Finally provide all of us with scientific literature (studies & reports) indicating that old, buried coal tar (macadam) is hazardous and preferably in comparison with old, buried more modern asphalt paving. All of this is quite straightforward and part of the Region's (& MECP) due diligence. If you don't have this data readily available then shame on you for making decisions affecting both the environment and taxpayers' money based upon astrology or a ouija board.  

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