Friday, June 30, 2023


Fifth one on the list is "Off-Site Pumping of Elmira Aquifers (3X more). This was the promise to CPAC in November 2012 that Chemtura would need to TRIPLE their off-site pumping rates in order to achieve drinking water standards by 2028. This promise came after Woolwich Council passed a Motion/Resolution supporting CPAC's advice that the Elmira Aquifers were not on track to be cleaned up by 2028 which the Ministry of Environment and Chemtura denied until from June 2012 until November 2012 when they suddenly announced that they needed to TRIPLE their pumping rates. History indicates that the lying buggers couldn't even Double it mucj less TRIPLE it.

The Stroh Drain! Oh my God! The filthy, lying buggers have denied, delayed and deflected everything in order to squirm, wiggle and lie their way out of that shameful embarrassment. Overflowing liquid wastes from the company's east side pits (RPE 1-5, BAE-1, RB-1, 2)  gravity flowed both directly east and south-east onto the Stroh farm as well as south into the low lying area just north of the diagonal ridge (NW to SE) of high ground  separating GP-1 & 2 from the low lying area and from the Stroh property. From the low lying area on the Uniroyal property they then gravity flowed eastwards into the even lower elevation lands on the Stroh property.

Public Consultation is beyond even being a sham. It started going south when Woolwich councillor Pat McLean with support from Susan Bryant dragged UPAC (Uniroyal Public Advisory Committee) into being a committee of Woolwich Council. All downhill, intentionally from there. Then mayor Sandy Shantz and Mark Bauman invented a "crisis" in 2015 in order to get rid of the excellent CPAC members and allow her to bring her curling buddies and other decent, but lacking in knowledge, patsies onto CPAC (Chemtura Public Advisory Committee). Later That committee called TAG was bolstered by young environmental professionals beholden to both the MECP and even possibly Lanxess and consultants GHD.

The sampling bias in the Canagagigue Creek is all about doing 92% of the sampling at the three bridges crossing the Creek downstream. This was done partially for convenience in bringing equipment and personnel into the Creek at convenient points i.e. roads . The MDLs are Method Detection Limits and by simply doing lab analyses at high detection limits, above the federal and or provincial criteria for that specific chemical, you van generate hundreds of Non-Detects. Simply more bogus bullsh*t.

The actual Risk Assessment of the Creek is based upon phony data with high MDLs. It is also nothing more than a subjective, partially mathematical construct with a predetermined outcome. Sketchy "professionals" know what results they are being paid to find and in order to guarantee further work, reports, sampling etc. down the road they had better deliver. This Risk Assessment like others (including on-site Uniroyal years ago) is simply expensive, complicated "GREENWASHING".  

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