Thursday, June 1, 2023


Last Monday and Tuesday I posted here about how on-site pumping of both the shallow (Upper Aquifer) and the deep (Municipal Aquifers) aquifers have been slipping badly. Today I'm going to give the big picture as exemplified by figure A.2 and A.3a in the April 2023 Lanxess Progress Report. 

Figure A2 is the On-Site Extraction Well Average VS. Target Pumping Rates for the past year. It stinks! On-Site Pumping Well PW5 has not achieved its' Target Rate even once in the last twelve months with the gap between actual pumping rate and Target Rate expanding over the last four months. Pumping Well PW4 has failed to make its' Target Rate for eight of the last twelve months. The purpose of these two wells is to lower the Municipal Aquifer (MU) sub-surface water level such that on-site MU groundwater does not migrate/flow offf-site and further contaminate the rest of the deep Elmira drinking water aquifers. 

Figure A.3a  is the Off-Site Extraction Well Average VS. Target Pumping Rate for the five largest off-site extraction wells whose purpose is to pump and treat supposedly long ago contaminated (from Uniroyal Chemical) Elmira drinking water aquifers namely the Municipal Upper and Lower (MU & ML) Aquifers. Here's the problem. The three largest of these five all consistently exceed their Target Rates often by a significant amount. The two lowest pumping rate wells are very close to their Target Rate or just below. Hence the groundwater levels in the off-site Municipal aquifers are being reduced at the highest rates they've ever been while on-site pumping which is supposed to be keeping Uniroyal contaminants on-site is badly lagging. 

All of this is grossly and blatantly contravening everything that UPAC and CPAC were advised over a couple of decades yet suddenly Lanxess are telling TAG, RAC and everybody else that it's not a problem. So were they lying years ago, lying now or have they simply just never stopped lying to the public?

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