Friday, June 23, 2023


 Why you ask? Well...because. Furthermore if you don't like it then "truck off". Oops that's not exactly how the dishonest and or corrupt Elmira suits speak. They'd be more likely to say "Please truck off". Oh all right there was just a hint of writers' license taken there. The suits around  here know how to put on a show. A show of professionalism. A show of omniscience. A show of omnipotence. But a show nevertheless. They really don't know squat most of the time due to lack of research, lack of professionalism, lack of simple hard work, lack of funding for proper sampling  and finally a lack of ethics which could be remedied simply by admitting all the other lacking. In other words just plain telling the public the truth would go a long ways. Instead they are so damn stupid they think they've succeeded when most of the citizen activists from thirty plus years ago are either dead, co-opted or they've dropped out of the perverted process and won't play the game anymore with the professional liars and lickspittles. So what exactly would they say to a citizen complaining that Minutes of public meetings (RAC/TAG) take between one and three months to get into the hands of the honest few? It would go like this:

"Dearest and deeply beloved citizens and stakeholders. Your concern is important to us. We do not want you dying on our watch whether from old age, mental abuse, environmental abuse, bureaucratic negligence, credentialism, obfuscation, exaggeration, misplaced hope, cancers, brain tumours, strokes, heart attacks, indigestion, slander or libel from on high or most importantly from excessive breath holding while waiting for promises to come to fruition. Your pain is our pain so if you can't stand the environmental heat (b/s) then stay the truck out of the kitchen and leave it to us, the anointed few, God's gift to the unwashed, we the perfectly appointed, perfectly in charge who will always look out for your interests until your very last breathe.

"Our motto is "If you push us we will push back!"

With no affection whatsoever" Helder, Lou, Stevie, Lubnya, Jason, Jaimie, Sandy, David and all the gang 

Oh dang! I can not tell a lie. I just remembered a conversation with a former Council Support Person whom I grew to admire (Lisa). She advised that the Minutes while not necessarily delivered to the public or RAC/TAG members might actually get posted on-line in a more reasonable time frame. Shoot, so please ignore any above criticism that you feel might hurt their wittle feelings!


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  1. as far as the rest of us are concerned, these politicians and officials and specialists and appointed ones are about as useful as an ass on a chalkboard! FACT is nothing is getting done and also there is no accountability. Shame on all of them!