Monday, June 26, 2023


Today's Editorial by the Waterloo Region Record is a strong one titled "Racism in our justice system is real".  Now don't bail on me because it's about racism specifically. It's not! The end of the very first sentence clarifies when it says that "...the idea that justice  is blind, that it's delivered without regard to status." Now that's significantly different. Yes our justice system discriminates. How could it not when it's run by professionals, for professionals at extreme cost to we normal citizens. So called "court costs" don't even come close to paying the bills for our justice system. Also our judicial system as I've long stated is nothing but a playground for the rich. They get to legally harass others they don't like for almost every reason imaginable. Of course right now I'm talking about civil court.

Our Superior Court in Kitchener discriminates in favour of both the status quo and in favour of our local institutions such as schools, school boards, hospitals, police, and municipalities. Now of course if you are a black parent of relatively modest income the justice system will particularly chew you up and spit you out with the smoothest of words, phrases and unadulterated bullsh*t. Of course if you are a white person of similar means without some kind of special status you too will be treated just as shabbily with lots of court costs thrown in for good measure to keep you from getting too "uppity" in the future. 

This Editorial by the Record quotes statistics about blacks, asians and indigenous Canadians that frankly are shocking. These include incarceration statistics as well as use of force statistics by police. Not mentioned in this Editorial but in past articles is the offence of  "driving while black".  That one has always gotten to me. Our justice system is but one more government run debacle that suits the privileged generally at the expense of the rest of us. 

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