Thursday, June 22, 2023


 There was an article recently in the Woolwich Observer, I believe, describing our own Bio-En facility on Martin's Lane at the north end of Elmira. My understanding is that they wish to expand both with land acquisition and with approvals to increase the biomass they are allowed to bring to their facility by doubling it to 220,000 tonnes annually.  This of course may or may not affect odour generation but obviously must increase the number of truck movements on and off their site. Overall my impression over the years has been that they are a good neighbour in regards to odours and have not contributed to various north end odours such as from the nearby Pet Food plant. That said downtown Elmira is already plagued with truck traffic, noise and diesel fumes and this expansion can only exacerbate that ptoblem. Of course electricity production via methane fueling generators is considered a lot greener than producing electricity from burning fossil fuels. Pros and Cons.

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