Tuesday, June 20, 2023


 Hopefully the description above is not everybody's experiences with Canadian Judges. Maybe it's not even most people's experiences. That's kind of hard to tell however as we the public, the unwashed masses, usually only see judges through rose coloured glasses. Other people's rose coloured glasses. Other judges, lawyers with ambition, politicians who appoint judges and other grossly biased individuals.  

Today's Waterloo Region Record has their Editorial titled "Investigation of judges demands more transparency". Duh... do you really think so? In my lifetime I've seen far too many obviously biased decisions otherwise known as "home cooking".  That occurs when the local establishment whether school board, municipality, local police or other local illuminaries are involved. It can include mayors, councillors,  school board senior staff, police boards and more.

The Record's Editorial is about Judge Russell Brown formerly of the Supreme Court of Canada who has resigned. Mr. Brown allegedly was drunk and obnoxious at a resort and involved in a physical altercation. If this kind of behaviour occurs from a Supreme Court Justice, who presumably has been vetted up the ying yang prior to his appointment, then what in hell kind of a..holes are getting appointed by politicians to lesser judicial roles? Seems clear to me.  A..holes who are either loyal Liberals or loyal Conservatives, first and foremost. Ethics, morals and good character sometimes appear to be far down the list of attributes.

Speaking of a..holes, is Justice Robert Reilly still soiling our local Kitchener courts? There is a written record of his improper, illegal and biased behaviour with my 1996 case in Kitchener's Superior Court. There is also evidence of later bias from him regarding a Jury Summons. Through and through a first rate a..hole who has abused his position and authority. I have never received a response or clarification regarding his pathetic judicial behaviour. Our courts continue to be a playground for the wealthy successfully excluding all the rest of us from justice in this country. Oh and mayor Sandy Shantz has made references both herself and through her lawyer to Judge Reilly's perverted decision. 

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