Tuesday, June 27, 2023


 The good news is that worldwide population growth is decreasing. Apparently by 2086 it will be at 1.8 babies per couple which obviously means that if two people are only producing statistically 1.8 folks to replace them then the population is definitely going down. That's the good news. The bad news is that appears to be too little too late even though it certainly and finally will be heading in a more sustainable direction. 

Currently the world's population of human beings is about eight billion and by 2086 is expected to be ten billion. Way too much for this little planet and especially as Global Warming is supposed to exceed the survivable temperature increase by around 2050. Every new human being will cause some increase in global warming/climate change whether by use of fossil fuel heating, cooling, transportation, food production etc. All very depressing. 

The future of planet earth will  be catastrophic  weather events including droughts, floods, tornadoes, rising sea levels and more causing climate refugees and famines.  The world is facing a difficult time and major steps are required. Certainly a dropping birth rate is a big one but more is required with little indication that world leaders are really prepared to take the necessary steps.

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  1. abortion, pharmaceutical and chemical poisoning, illegal drugs and gangs are extremely effectively reducing the population and scaring the crap out of people re; global warming is working real good in some countries to influence carbon elimination whereas if one looks at the same statistics some countries have very high birth rates by contrast. (Humans are CARBON) Are the elite and officials and leaders and politicians (including all most all ours) really on the right side? or are they pretending/faking everything and not actually personally leading by example? Personally, I am completely convinced that the targets of all the elites and their minions are humans and especially those humans who are NOT part of the club who own private property and have assets that the elite and the communists want. It is what it is!