Friday, December 30, 2022


 Both times our municipal politicians panicked and threw in the towel. This included private concessions despite denials to UPAC/CPAC members. In other words our municipal politicians went behind citizens' backs (yet again) to make private deals with the dirty polluters. The second time namely in late October 2014 was the most blatant and egregious. It occurred shortly after the municipal election when Chemtura knew that Todd Cowan was out and Sandy Shantz in and they were ecstatic. The first time, poor little Uniroyal had their wee feelings hurt by the air subcommittee of UPAC being mean to them! Ron Ormston, Susan and Pat had the nerve to suggest that Uniroyal really weren't trying hard enough. Can you imagine that? Just because four families were having their lives and health attacked by middle of the night emissions from Uniroyal (1998-2000), UPAC actually criticized Uniroyal Chemical suggesting that they knew full well what they were emitting in the middle of the night and that it needed to stop immediately.

It was occasional actions like this from UPAC, Pat & Susan which had forged my confidence in UPAC and Susan. I never really trusted Pat McLean and it certainly turned out for good reason. She was nothing but Bill Strauss's right hand man whether on or off Woolwich Council. The second walking resulted in Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of Environment privately insisting upon the removal of CPAC members especially including the Chair Dr. Dan Holt and myself.  It was an outrageous and self-serving demand which only the most corrupt and stupid municipal Council would ever abide by. Of course Sandy and Mark Bauman gussied it up with serious lying about CPAC members which the previous Council had appointed.

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  1. Mark Bauman is the common denominator,(is he a mentor of Mayor Shantz?) Bauman the infamous flip-flopping tool who personified politics by collusion and bald-faced bullshit and or by doing nothing at the critical points. He was/is a master manipulator of consensus. (fake and corrupt consensus of fools and for fools!)
    Without exception, all the fools/tools involved as you describe think they have more power and influence than the truth. It is a grand illusion of damned dark proportions!