Tuesday, December 20, 2022


 TAG of course stands for Technical Advisory Group. Yes they have done some good work and yes at times they have rolled over and avoided confrontation or dispute at all costs. The Stroh Drain coverup is but one glaring example of that despite Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach's best efforts to shine a light on that cesspool. TAG have oh so gently, thoughtfully and kindly made comments almost approaching criticisms on other aspects of the Creek investigation as well. Generally I am in agreement with their comments and almost criticisms but am appalled at their temerity and tip toeing around the obvious. 

TAG have actually suggested that maybe, just maybe the sampling on the Stroh property has been inadequate. Other than along the shared property line with Lanxess there have been exactly zero soil samples taken further south anywhere near the Stroh Drain. There have been allegedly four different locations in the Stroh Drain where sediments in the bottom have been sampled. In reality one sample location occurred closer to the northern end of the Drain and the other three are all much further south close to the Canagagigue Creek. These three are also due west of the Martin swimming pond. Yes both DDD and dioxin/furans have been found in excess of federal criteria. One concentration actually exceeded the criteria by thirty times but this smoking gun has been ignored by TAG  (except Sebastian) to TAG's undying shame. 

TAG and their Chair also covered up my written Delegation to them which included topographical maps and more proving that overland flow of wastewaters primarily went south-east onto the Stroh property versus due south into GP-1 (gravel pit 1). This is but one more smoking gun that friends, colleagues, clients and fellow travellors are pretending doesn't exist in order to smooth Lanxess and the MECP's path to walking away from this unremediated environmental disaster. No debates or serious public discussions have occurred at TAG on these matters and full credit goes to TAG Chair Tiffany Svensson as well as Mayor Sandy Shantz. Together they have guaranteed Woolwich Township's future reputation as the Dogpatch of Waterloo Region. 

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  1. obviously and purposely and deliberately they are only "scratching the surface" and for the purpose of deception and deflecting from the reality