Tuesday, December 27, 2022


Yesterday I did some looking back as in exactly one year ago to see what I was posting about. My goodness what a trip down memory lane.  It turns out that last Christmas I was posting about multiple DNAPL letters written by Jaimie Connolly and Wilf Ruland. Now there is quite a history around these letters however first let me say this. I have not recently written about either the contemptible Hawkridge Homes approval on Union St. across from both Lanxess Canada and from Sulco (CCC) nor have I posted about the apparently done deal at the former Paleshi Motors/U Pull It recycling/Bolender Park Landfill. 

Hawkridge first: All credit and kudos should go to Ron Koniuch (sp.?) of CCC for his and the company's efforts over not just years but at least a decade and a half or more attempting to stop a residential subdivision from being built literally across the road from heavy chemical industries.  This credit and kudos do not extend to Lanxess who dropped the ball possibly along with Chemtura and bailed on the fight. What the hell. It was Lanxess who have always been the greatest physical threat to nearby residents as well as to incoming families, not Sulco (CCC). Sulco have long ago sincerely embraced the *Responsible Care ethic  whereas Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtura/Lanxess will embrace anything to polish their environmental image and possibly save them a nickel in cleanup costs.

After the Woolwich Council initiated departure of a thriving and well run business by Frank Rattasid we now have a much worse situation. Thank you past Woolwich Council for this. Hundreds of tractor trailers will be parking, entering and leaving the property at all hours of the day and night. Diesel exhaust fumes, noise and possibly fuel spills will follow. None of this was necessary. I think Woolwich Observer that you need to update your readers as to both the new reality as well as to the politics behind it.

I do suggest that readers go back via the Archives section of this Blog (right side) and check out some December 2021 postings. My recollection also is that there was an admission by Susan Bryant at TAG back then along the lines of ...no Ramin Ansari's (Lanxess) comments about all parties being satisfied with the DNAPL resolution was not fully accurate. There is also the slight problem about these DNAPL letters disappearing way back when. By disappearing I mean basically the very supportive of my position on Dense Non Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLS) two letters each from Jaimie C. (MOE) and Wilf R. (private hydrogeologist) were not made readily available to either myself or the public prior to my DNAPL (not Ammonia Treatment System) removal from CPAC in 2008. Very, very convenient Pat and Susan you pair of manipulative back stabbers and worse.

Eventually all the facts will become public knowledge and Uniroyal/Lanxess and fellow travellors will be held in appropriate contempt by all. Even by those who personally benefited along the way.   

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