Wednesday, December 14, 2022


 Firstly I'm not even sure that squaring the circle is the proper metaphor. Maybe a better expression would be a reference to an idea or statement failing the smell test. Or even the very old if it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck and looks like a duck, it probably is a duck. All of this is regarding how on earth above and beyond shameless lying and horse manure are Lanxess ever going to convince the public, much less any authorities, that there has been appropriate and proper public consultation in Elmira/Woolwich's thirty plus years of the "...cheapest, least effective" form of environmental cleanup? 

Oh wait, they and their predecessors are indeed masters of obfuscation with a minor in advanced horse manure. This is combined with inappropriate sweetheart deals between Uniroyal Chemical and Woolwich Township, Uniroyal and the Ministry of Environment, Uniroyal and the Region of Waterloo etc. Do you notice a pattern here? The political manoeuvring long preceded any attempts at cleanup. So to put it simply the guiltiest of all the parties negotiated self-serving deals with the only slightly less guilty political parties absolving themselves, with only modest financial "reparations", of blame, real public consultation and first class restoration of the natural environment which they destroyed. This natural environment included both deep and shallow groundwater, air, soils, surface water (Canagagigue) and the bottom sediments and creekbank soils.

So they've already succeeded with "convincing" our authorities. Now can they convince an increasingly and appropriately skeptical general public that right has been done? They will hire only the best intellectual prostitutes for that job.     

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