Friday, December 9, 2022


 I mean really???  After both Sandy and Ramin seemed interested in provoking feedback, engagement, discussion from RAC members why wouldn't I put up my hand to ask a question? Just because the terms of reference are reprehensible? Just because any politician in an allegedly democratic country should be appalled and ashamed to have gone along with this blasphemy and putrid process? Just because the stench of corruption and rot now permeate the entire alleged cleanup of both the Elmira Aquifers and of the Canagagigue Creek? So up went my hand despite past attempts being stifled. That is especially easy to do when it is a virtual meeting and the corrupt organizers control the mute switches, video switches and on-off switches. 

Sandy paused, briefly looked strained and said "O.K. Alan". What followed was a straightforward question regarding Ramin Ansari's statement that failing to achieve the Target pumping Rates was not an issue at all. Ramin confirmed that indeed my numbers and "mathematics" were correct regarding both on and off site pumping and regarding both past and present Municipal Aquifer pumping. He suggested however that spatial considerations trumped actual pumping rates. In other words greater pumping rates further from the site did not require an increased pumping response from on-site pumping wells. 

So what I'm left with is this. I need to closely examine my decades old Tables with thirty years of pumping data on them. From those it should be relatively clear if Ramin has a point or not. I have long known exactly where each and every pumping well is located and what their pumping values are. From memory I am skeptical of Ramin's latest claim but wish to confirm one way or the other via carefully examined past data whether or not it has credibility.

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