Saturday, December 31, 2022


 You mean there's more to life than Uniroyal/Lanxess? There's more to life than the Canagagigue Creek, pollution and corruption? Apparently so.  There's even more to life than the outrageous coverup that's been underway by our politicians and other authorities for the last three decades plus. Family is the obvious choice as well as provincial/federal politics and even current events such as the horrific recent killing of an OPP officer who apparently was going to the assistance of a driver whose car was in the ditch. 

So what is my topic today? Gun control in Canada. We've had it in one form or another at least since 1935. My understanding is that handguns in Canada have all by law been registered here for the last 87 years. Not only registered but some form of firearms license has been mandatory for as long as I've been old enough to own long guns. My recollection is that my very first rifle was purchased from Canadian Tire over fourty years ago. I know during the late 90s the Liberals mandated a long gun registry and that rifle was registered . I also recall that my father bought a used single shot .22 calibre rifle from a fellow employee of Uniroyal Chemical when I was just a kid. So that was likely more than sixty years ago. I inherited that rifle when my father passed and it too was registered courtesy of the Liberal Party of Canada. I even recall the name of the former owner and Uniroyal employee and I'm sure it will ring some bells locally. His name was "Spot" Fulcher. I have no idea where the nickname "Spot" came from. Not bad eh I've actually swung even this post around to Uniroyal Chemical.

So courtesy of federal legislation a couple of very old rifles have presumably both been registered and then later fallen out of any registry when the Conservatives got back in federally.  I can guarantee this : neither of those rifles has ever been used illegally or for any activity other than shooting tin cans or paper targets with an appropriate backstop. Meanwhile we have a 25 year old kid with a substantial history of anti-social behaviour including assaults on police officers who has been facing both firearms charges and assault charges for some time. He was out on bail and failed to attend court last September which further bought him a warrant for his arrest. Over two moths later and he still hadn't been tasken into custody. Oh and all his firearms were in his possession illegally. What the hell! Did our vaunted firearms laws do anybody any good whatsoever? I think not. And that's the rub. Laws are obeyed by most Canadians and ignored by most criminals. So keep on passing laws politicians but ignore the followup. i.e. the enforcement etc.

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