Friday, December 2, 2022


Well we have a RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee) virtual meeting next Thursday at 5:30 pm. Agenda Item #5 will be an update on the HHERA (Human Health & Environmental Risk Assessment) and it would be harsh to suggest that it will all be blatant and disgusting lies. It will however be a pack of puffery, B/S, and self-serving drivel intended to "prove" that they are going the extra mile. For themselves they are indeed doing that. I also expect that there will be earthworm and other sampling which will be interpreted exactly as Lanxess/GHD and the MECP want it to be. remember the object here is not truth it is appearances and if they can sell it to both newbie Woolwich councillors as well as experienced co-opted mayors and other bureaucrats then all is accomplished. To attend this virtual meeting contact

Agenda Item #6 is Status Update on CTS - Lanxess. This is an update on the status of the Containment & Treatment System which likely is the hydraulic containment of multiple pumping wells throughout Elmira. The theory has always been to pump contaminated groundwater , treat it and then dump it back into the Canagagigue Creek versus back into the aquifers. Unfortunately we have had decades of underperforming pumping of the aquifers literally for a myriad of never ending reasons and excuses. Literally sometimes full pages of excuses per month. Hence the volumes promised to be pumped and treated aren't even close to the pumping rates we were promised. Doubtless this will all be sugarcoated, fluffed up and more excuses made next Thursday. 

The last item is apparently some interest being shown by Member of Parliament Tim Louis. He is looking for some data both about the Canagagigue Creek and about the Elmira Aquifers to see if any of it falls within their federal jurisdiction. The fact is that it does although the Feds have run for the hills over the last three plus decades so why would they do their jobs now?

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