Thursday, December 22, 2022


 Do polluters enjoy looking over their shoulders? Do they perhaps relish the chase? Are they so arrogant that they believe that money will ALWAYS protect them from accountability?  Or are they simply hoping that they personally will be retired/dead before the shoe hits the floor?

How about politicians? Surely they must realize that as slim as the odds are of even a tiny bit of their bullsh.t being exposed at least some of it will come back to haunt them. Blatant lies let's see like "free trade" and globalization have reduced the quality of life around the world. Then there's what was described yesterday in the Record as blatant vote getting by federal politicians (Trudeau/Liberals) hidden under the guise of public safety is what new "gun control" legislation is all about. Canadians are at high risk of dying from cancer, heart disease, automobile accidents, respiratory diseases from polluted air with lesser risks such as plane crashes, dementia and falls. Somewhere way down the list is getting shot by either a thief looking to mug you or by a jealous husband.  I suspect that Canadian women may even have a higher risk of sexual assault by a stranger than they do of being victims of gun crime. Of what benefit to Canadians is deceiving them as to the risks around us?     

So what issues have been set aside by Lanxess and Ramin Ansari? One is the likely Interceptor Trench or equivalent on the east side of their property. The other is the phony location of former gravel pit GP-1. Both are related to the intentional, possibly even agreed upon by all parties, bypass of the Uniroyal site with contaminated flow of both surface and groundwater from the former waste pits (RPE 1-5) onto the Stroh property/farm. Even if the long gone, deceased senior Strohs agreed ($$??) why do I suspect that the further downstream/downgradient Martin farm and property had no say in the matter?

Not forgotten, not forgiven. Some of that crap ended up in the Martin swimming pond. Were all the children who swam in it ever financially compensated? Has their health ever been assessed on the basis of exposure to Uniroyal toxins? I doubt it.  Until the day I die I will still be chasing you filth. Oh excuse me that's not a "professional" comment. My bad.


  1. The long deceased Strohs were obviously in on the ditch and the regrading of the chemical drain on their own property. What choice did they have? 1. Chemicals were oozing / entering their farmland visibly on the surface of their land and 2. they were struggling farmers even worst off than their neighbors who were on the other side of the river. The oldtimers north-east of town used to talk about chemicals oozing/flowing onto the Stroh land and then flowing into the "gravel pit" which was filled in by the more recent owners. Obviously "Not forgotten and not forgiven" because the farmer beside the Chemical plant joined the wrong side-the corrupt side! / and the evidence will remain long after we are all gone IF NOT CLEANED UP properly and completely. In this case (like most) many so called "professional" people who are credentially biased and politically corrupt get involved and the rest is history. Facts are stubborn though and the biased and the politically corrupt hate these things.

  2. who do "they" think they are kidding OR fooling? Even presidents and prime ministers cannot change the truth or the facts!