Tuesday, December 7, 2021


All the fellow travellors and assorted guilty parties jumped into the excuses/conditions game when they were first offerred the opportunity to receive a copy of the seven page Pacific Rim lab report. With the one notable exception, namely Lanxess Canada. Lanxess (Ramin) said sure please pass it along and we'll look at it. Woolwich Council, Ministry of Environment, RAC, TAG, Region of Waterloo, GRCA all either said p.ss off we don't want it without a litany of other information FIRST or else they simply didn't respond to the unconditional and sincere opportunity afforded them. Keep in mind that this is a lab analysis of two soil samples taken from a property that has already been proven to be contaminated by the former Uniroyal Chemical. Soils, sediments and groundwater in various areas of the Stroh property are still contaminated with Dioxins, DDT and NDMA above legal criteria approximately HALF A CENTURY after Uniroyal's east side pits & ponds stopped discharging dozens to hundreds of toxins in their admitted overflowing liquid wastes. Currently Lanxess's story about their liquid wastes flowing further from these pits & ponds into GP-1 & 2 (due south) is so weak that only self-serving family members (i.e. guilty parties) could support it. The north end of the Stroh Drain, Ditch & Berm (SDDB) is actually not only downhill from the east side pits and ponds but significantly closer to them than the bulk of contamination found in GP-1 in 2013 and 2014 and approximately 175 - 200 hundred metres closer than GP-2. .................................................................................................................. The story being sold by the guilty parties does not hold water. It's only had traction because myself and CPAC members have been intentionally muted albeit the one CPAC member on TAG has spoken truth to power and been outnumbered and out credentialed by both honest and dishonest persons. Is this gross failure of any kind of equal representation by proven, honest citizen volunteers going to haunt Lanxess down the road? Is their vaunted Risk Assessment going to receive the disdain and lack of credibility afforded other internal, incestuous, self-serving reports from groups that require public consultation and then simply go through the motions? Among all the failures to date of this process perhaps phony and contrived public consultation eliminating long term citizen volunteers from fully participating may do them in.

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