Saturday, December 18, 2021

COVID-19, DELTA, OMICRON etc. etc.

You know I am not remotely an anti vaxxer. I've had the so called full vaccination of one dose last March followed by the booster at the end of June and as of last night both the wife and I are on the Shopper's Drug Mart waitlist for the third shot. Furthermore both our kids have advanced degrees in Biology hence Mom and Dad have been well schooled in the efficacy, safety etc. of vaccines. ........................................................................................................ BUT....holy crap I know that our governments are inherently corrupt. Corrupt as in failing to do the best for the majority of citizens while cheerfully tilting the economic playing field for the purpose of maintaining the status quo i.e. the rich stay rich and or get richer and the middle class shrinks while the poor expand. The system is set up including both police and courts to enforce and maintain the class divisions for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful. I am reminded of the old saying by a well disrespected member of the judiciary namely :"The law in its infinite majesty will treat the rich man stealing a loaf of bread exactly the same as the poor man." That saying of course is NOT accurate. The rich man will be very well represented in court whereas the poor man will at best have a last minute Duty Counsel represent him. Then of course there is the inherent bias in favour of the rich man and against the poor man. A judge making $200,000 per year will simply assume that the poor man is hungry because he is too lazy to work. Not all judges but probably the vast majority. Oh and of course you might also ask yourself how often a rich man needs to steal a loaf of bread. .......................................................................................................................... So back to Covid. I'm on the Shopper's waitlist right now after first trying to book a vaccine appointment through the Region of Waterloo. Thirty-seven minutes waiting on-line only to then be told that there are zero appointments available for Linwood, Wellesley and the Boardwalk clinics for the next two months. Well thank you very much for not telling me that at the start. Also thank you Region of Waterloo for advising me and the public about four weeks ago that as an over 70 year old I was not eligible for the third shot until AFTER six months from my second dose which I'm still not at hence "my" failure in not leaping on the first chance to book. Apparently while I dozed through the early Christmas period that six month ruling was changed. Communications folks really suck. Initially we were told that one vaccine would do the trick. Then we were told that a booster thirty days later was necessary. Then we weere told that no you needed to wait three to four monthe and finally it was moved back to three months. I did all that. Then we suddenly get told this third shot is absolutely necessary. I'm still jumping through these communications/bookings hoops and loops but I am losing patience with the process, missteps and miscommunications. I am also beginning to understand why a significant number of people are saying "Aw screw it. This is all bullsh.t." If a major government skeptic like me can be made to jump through hoops and loops (even for a good reason) then I fear that our governments are going to learn some bad lessons here. Bad lessons for us, the citizens.

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  1. EUGENICS is the solution to covid and environmental woes according to the biggest funders and largest investors of both and that is EXACTLY what we are receiving as the solutions. (NOTHING that makes things better and in fact makes things worst) This is NOT an accident, it must be by design! For thousands of years tyrants have always hated freewill and Eugenics is their modern religion and unfortunately it has become the dominant one in most modern countries. This is exactly why covid and the environmental woes will NOT be cured by them. Get prepared for the "Great Reset" (they call it build back better) and get ready for the culling of humanity that is already well on its way. "spike proteins" You have been right all along Mr. Marshall about the issues you have addressed, but unfortunately for the people things will get much worst BEFORE genuine solutions/cures emerge because the real powers in the world are NOT influenced by people who love the life and the freewill and wellbeing of others. Even the fake respect and fake restraint shown by the people in power is now HISTORY! It does not even matter which side any person is on, in a given issue...when one goes to the very peak of power and control of every major thing influencing life and wellbeing and death for the people there is a offshore LLC or global foundation that is running the agenda and all the talking points. Covid and the environment is just 2 items out of many that are NOT being managed by "the people"