Friday, December 17, 2021


Let's see now: I offered the seven page Pacific Rim lab report (dioxins) to the GRCA, Lanxess, GHD, TAG, RAC, Min. of Environment (MECP), Woolwich Council and the Region of Waterloo Council. Out of the eight, seven either tacitly or explicitly said "Hell no, no way, please God don't send it to us." O.K. maybe the "please God" quote is a little bit of literary flexibility. Lanxess (Ramin) said sure please send it our way. Hence when the timing was better I sent it to him (Lanxess) first and then to all the rest except TAG. I explained the reason for the delay regarding TAG here in my December 3/21 posting. I have awaited responses from all the guilty parties, fellow travellors, partners in pollution and guess what I got. Nada again except for a nice note from Ramin of Lanxess. Oops almost forgot: One regional councillor sent me a note. I've opened the door to a further conversation with that individual. Let's see what if anything happens. It's almost as if the long co-opted parties think that a non-response somehow absolves them of blame and responsibility. In fact it condemns them. .................................................................................................................. My actions this fall have solidified my beliefs and interpretation regarding the culpability of these parties most of whom are supposed to be operating in the public interest which they aren't on a number of issues not just in regards to Elmira/Uniroyal/Lanxess. There are still thirteen more soil samples safely and properly stored awaiting lab analysis. I have been advised that dioxins plus a few other compounds can be stored indefinitely under the proper conditions without harming the accuracy of the analyses. Perhaps my initial strategy of releasing one or two new soil analyses every six months is still the best of a number of different options available. Another option is to make an offer to various corrupt parties; in a sense offering them ownership shares in the future lab reports if they are willing to pay for them. Who am I kidding? Unlike a few other formerly local citizens (Sylvia, Susan, Pat) I learned a long time ago that making deals with professional liars and manipulators is a dead end road. Their word is not worth the paper it's not written on and their written word, think Min. of Environment and their Control Orders, is subject to unilateral "amendment" whenever they feel so inclined. Other options continue to be explored. Obviously there is no honest authority willing to do the right thing. Canada: home of mostly silent, polite corruption.

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