Thursday, December 16, 2021


Today's Waterloo Region Record tells us that four Waterloo Regional Councillors voted against approving the budget submitted by the Waterloo Regional Police Services Board. I think that that vote is important whether for real or contrived. For far too long police budgets, after modest tweaking, have been unanimously approved by both parties, the Police Board and Regional Council. This vote is an acknowledgement that all the protests and opposition to policing as it currently is, have legitimacy and that local policing needs an overhaul. The four dissenting regional councillors are Tom Galloway, Sue Foxton, Jim Erb and Elizabeth Clarke. Try to remember those names for future reference. Either the public owe them a well done or their regional colleagues do. Perhaps everybody owes them kudos as they have indicated that it is not quite business as usual. Perhaps two or three of their council colleagues have had their eyes and hearts opened. Perhaps I'm just an never ending optimist who has been shat upon and muzzled for decades through the machinations and lies of our local political hierarchy. Hard to say and that's because of the mixed messages being sent for decades by the Region of Waterloo. I've referred to them in the past as an OLd Boys Club despite increasing numbers of female politicians. Unfortunately those female politicians have not remotely stood out as superior, particularly in matters of ethics or integrity. ........................................................................................................ The last couple of days here I have posted about our Police Service and our regional government. Major reform is needed but always seems to be lip service only. The message either isn't getting down to all the rank and file or they are smart enough to know that the message they are receiving is nothing but "political correctness" with lip service compliance only being required. Regardless there is not real accountability or transparency either within the force or without regarding interactions with minorities, blacks, the poor, the homeless or any other marginalized groups and individuals. Token public discipline with private substantive but confidential payouts are unacceptable. The public as well as all other officers need to know when and how badly an offcer has screwed up and the full costs thereof.

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