Monday, December 27, 2021


While it is the same book as the original there are a couple of minor changes as in a formal Prologue added as well as an informal description intended to give a brief synopsis. Much to my happiness potential book buyers or even chapter by chapter readers can actually read nearly the entire first three chapters. I guess Amazon/Kindle believe in the marketing strategy of "teasers". Oh and the title of course is "Elmira Water Woes: The Triumph of Corruption, Deceit and Citizen Betrayal". ........................................................................................................... This is awkward (and perhaps self-serving) for me but here goes anyways. I know that there are intelligent, informed (maybe) folks out there who already have made up their minds that they will not and do not believe in either government conspiracies or possibly even private conspiracies. To them I say O.K. whether you read my experiences, data, facts and opinions and totally disagree with them. nevertheless I would advise them to at least read the first three FREE!!! chapters. Follow the link on both my websites (here-Elmira Advocate or my Waterloo Region Advocate Blog) and it will take you to Amazon/Kindle and my book where you get the free preview courtesy of Amazon. These three chapters are the history of heavy industry in Elmira as well as a chapter on Varnicolor Chemical which describes; if you'd prefer the incompetence rather than corruption of the Ontario Ministry of Environment. Also I believe within the first three chapters is the history of ongoing searches for new municipal water sources in the 1960s, 70s and 80s in Elmira and nearby area. This is after the north wellfield had only been in use for approximately twenty to twenty-five years and when Elmira residents were being assurred that all was well. The south wellfield was constructed in the 70s and was part of the ongoing search for more water during a time of plenty. It might make even skeptical folks suspect that maybe, just maybe there were more quiet concerns about groundwater contamination than were being publicly expressed.

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