Thursday, March 1, 2018


Today's Woolwich Observer carries the following front page story titled "Woolwich picks former councillor to fill vacant seat". Steve Kannon of the Observer was diplomatic albeit factual as he stated "The voting process lasted only minutes in what appeared to be an orchestrated effort that placed Herteis' experience above all other considerations. Eight of the nine candidates, who had previously made written applications outlining their bids for the seat, made pitches to councillors who listened but asked no questions of any of them.". Furthermore Steve wrote "In the end, Mayor Sandy Shantz and Ward 3 councillors Murray Martin and Larry Shantz made short work of things, opting for Herteis."

"Afterwards, Holt said he wasn't surprised by the outcome. "It was pretty obvious what was going to happen"". That it was as several citizens, myself included, accurately predicted the outcome weeks in advance. I also posted here two days ago that Herteis already had the position in her back pocket and knew it. That was clear from her nonchalance and lack of effort amply demonstrated in Council Chambers on Tuesday evening.

The Observer also wrote about this charade in their Editorial on page 6. It is titled "Vacancy filled, Woolwich still waiting on change". That's a reference to councillor's "leadership" style which is essentially rubber stamping Staff reports presented to them. That will also occur this Tuesday in Council Chambers in regards to the ongoing Bolender Park Landfill methane problems.

The Observer's Editorial also stated "After a formal application process and something of an interview before Woolwich Council Tuesday night, the candidates were treated to what seemed to be a foregone conclusion. With no debate and little input, three of the five councillors immediately picked Herteis...". They also stated "The chosen option was less democratic than choosing the runner-up and, given the orchestrated feeling of Tuesday's proceedings, a bit of window dressing in the end." Again diplomatically the Observer did make references to Herteis's "experience". What a joke that is as I explained in the last couple of postings here.

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