Monday, March 5, 2018


At the moment there are three Delegates registered to speak to Council tomorrow on two different topics. I am the first Delegate followed by Frank Rattasid Jr.. We are both speaking in regards to various issues surrounding the #86 Auto Recycling property formerly known as the Bolender Park landfill. The third Delegate will be speaking to the recent Council vacancy event.

In my case I am formally responding to a Woolwich Staff Report titled "Former Bolender Landfill Report". This report allegedly has taken staff three months to prepare and is based upon a list of 40 neatly typed and carefully thought out questions which I submitted to council and staff on November 16, 2017. This Report also includes an update of the ongoing work and plans for the former landfill. Staff have specifically advised that this update is for the benefit of both council members as well as the public.

That is an admission that this is indeed a public interest matter as both two businesses as well as several homes and a children's playground and park are potential recipients of adverse effects effects emanating from this former landfill. These potential adverse effects are methane gas and indeed it has been found both on-site and off-site of the Landfill. This inconvenient fact has generally been kept very quiet by Woolwich Township staff and councils over the last three decades.

It is my opinion that the only reason it hasn't been found off-site more often is because of the lack of off-site gas monitoring. These probes were known as GP6-83, GP7-83 and GP8-83 and were located off the former landfill to the north between it and the current Elmira Pet Products Plant. After their initial very high levels of methane gas were discovered these probes were never tested again. That in my opinion is gross negligence on the part of all the authorities involved which includes the Ontario Ministry of the Environment as well as successive Woolwich Councils over the last thirty years plus.


  1. Have fun and don't expect revealing answers on your questions. I would suggest taking a couple Tylenol before the meeting to ward off a pending headache from you hitting your forehead with your hand out of frustration.