Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Pages 17 and 18 have text which describes the results of Tables 6.1 and 6.2. Unfortunately there are typos which make following the text and matching it up with the Tables awkward. In my experience this is not unusual for Conestoga Rovers reports. I had kind of hoped that the new owners GHD would pick up their socks and eliminate errors such as these. Apparently not. Basically they have substituted DDT for DDD in at least a couple of places in the text.

Looking through the Figures I had seen an astounding result for DDT in soil namely 399.3 parts per million. This is the same as 399,300 parts per billion (ppb). Considering the criteria for DDT in soil is .078 parts per million you can see how astronomical this number is. Based upon Conestoga Rover's affinity for errors I had wondered if this number was for real. Well it's repeated in the text on page 18 so I expect it is.

I had felt that the followup Human health Risk Assessment would be the biggest scam in this whole process. In other words according to the M.O.E., in their infinite wisdom, it's perfectly O.K. to have a grossly contaminated natural environment as long as there are no human receptors nearby. This of course is nuts as southern Ontario isn't exactly Antarctica. Secondly even without human receptors there are ecological receptors which granted may have both different routes of exposure as well as susceptibilities. Regardless somewhat to my surprise we do have a number of examples of human presence in and around the creek. It isn't just farmers with nearby fields or houses several hundred metres away. There are maple sugar operations along and across the creek (pipelines), recreational areas with picnic tables beside the creek and even God help us childrens' inflatable toys along the creek indicating they are swimming in it. Fishing we knew about but the rest of the human exposures are downright frightening. Supposedly these farmers and families have been told about the ongoing dangers in the creek. Or was that just more lies told to us?

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  1. Guess you are getting your answers so what are you proposing for GHD and MOECC let alone the companies responsible from the beginning?