Friday, March 9, 2018


Yesterday's Woolwich Observer carries the following story titled "More probes, methane trench proposed for former Bolender landfill site in Elmira". The cover up stated above is a cover up by Woolwich Township in conjunction with the Ontario Ministry of Environment & Climate Change (MOECC). These are the same government bodies who successfully covered up their own culpability in regards to the 1989 Elmira Water Crisis.

The Observer article serves to give the public additional confirmation that the methane is still present in dangerous quantities. Hence a new passive methane trench, additional (2) gas probes and an enhanced detection system for the buildings on the property are being recommended.

Two points from the article are clear. Firstly Woolwich Township alienated the site's owner by blocking attempts by him to recycle scrap metal in the Townships. On the face of it this was ridiculous as he has a scrap metal license from the Region of Waterloo. Secondly Woolwich's plans for his site deserve a chilly reception from Mr. Rattasid based upon their own behaviour. That said he has not yet closed the door upon negotiations. In fact he's the one who has been offering multiple options to the Township.

Additional facts include the Township induced trespassing upon the east end of Mr. Rattasid'd property near High St. via their former pathway across his property. This was exacerbated by the illegal waterline that runs from High St. through Mr. Rattasid's property over to Elmira Pet Products. There never was an easement or any other legal right for this infringement on his property.

Both Woolwich Township and the Ontario MOECC have been negligent over the past 35 years in regards to their haphazard, amateur hour efforts to collect methane from this site. I have been to Council six times now advising them of the failures to date in proper monitoring as well as giving them recommendations to get this methane problem under control. Their response has primarily been denial although the most recent proposed addition of two probes off-site is a beginning although not much more. Similarly their decades belated acknowledgement that the methane collection system needed replacing is a start. Much more needs to be done including determining the exact boundaries of where the garbage was buried. Without that knowledge they don't even know if their new probes actually are off-site or not.

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