Wednesday, March 21, 2018


The above title is a quote from an e-mail I received last evening from an environmental colleague and friend. The full sentence was "Sad days in Elmira with the long term perpetual coverup versus cleanup.". Who exactly do you think you are fooling Sandy and Mark? The same thing became apparent when we cleaned our political house back in October 2010. With that housecleaning of Bill Strauss, Pat Mclean, Murray Martin and more (Sandy didn't run) we also cleaned house of Pat and Susan on CPAC. It turns out that the environmental community outside of Elmira had long known that our cleanup was doomed with CRA and Chemtura in charge of the cleanup and Pat and Susan in charge of CPAC. This was why Todd Cowan never had any intention of reappointing the old CPAC although there were a couple of names (not Pat & Susan) on CPAC that I did recommend. To this day while Pat and Susan are on TAG they no longer are remotely in charge. Hallelujah! When not in charge Susan can focus less on politics, manipulation and backstabbing and more on getting a cleanup of the creek.

By the way - a little clarification. Late yesterday I received an e-mail. This was long after I posted my comments and criticisms about public consultation here in Elmira. I included in that demise of public consultation the ridiculousness of sending out 2,500 page e-mails. Maybe complaining helps. Regardless, the e-mail was to inform me that sometime this week, I and others would be receiving hard copies of the "2017 Canagagigue Creek Sediment and Floodplain Soil Investigation". If and when that happens I'll mention it here. Public consultation is still "extinct just like the dinosaurs" here in Elmira albeit maybe not quite buried yet. Watch out Sandy.

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  1. When you receive that hard copy please share for my retired Environment Canada professional comments as a Fluvial Geomorphologist/Hydrologist with many years involved on studies and monitoring of Canagagigue Creek .