Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Back on Saturday March 10/18 I posted an article here titled " Contemptible Abuse Of Public Consultation". I indicated that Woolwich Township had sat for three weeks on a 218 page report prior to sending it out a mere six days before last week's TAG meeting. They also sent it out via e-mail rather than hard copies which especially with Figures and Tables is much easier to follow if you can keep the maps and drawings in front of you while you are reading the text.

Well yesterday they sent out the hot off the press, dated March 19, 2018 "2017 Canagagigue Creek Sediment and Floodplain Soil Investigation". Now that is more like it timing wise. This report is to be discussed both at the April 19/18 TAG (Technical Advisory Group) meeting as well as the April 26/18 RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee) meeting. It is especially appreciated having a reasonable amount of time to read this report as it is over 2,500 pages long. Seriously!

And that is the problem once again. They sent it by some special e-mail file. Holy crap I want a hard copy but printing this off is ridiculous. Technology is not always beneficial to the public. In this case it is pure laziness and cheapness in having it on-line rather than hard copies available to those with a proven decades long track record of reading reports cover to cover. By doing this and discouraging private downloading at personal cost they are also increasing the likelihood of fewer people reading it at all and of each person's reading it on-line superficially, only once, with very little back and forth from text to Figures to Tables etc. I call this a win-win. The polluter wins and so does his alleged regulator as once again they discourage public involvement and consultation.

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  1. Get used to it as I deal with that all the time as a member of another city's advisory committee. I too get frustrated having to flip back on line to look at relevant maps, tables and/or figures but such is social media. And a week before a meeting seems to be the norm plus staff do not realize members have other things occupying their lives. So accept it or get out of it is the way I am looking at it now. Oh and skip your blog for a day or so and get reading online.