Saturday, March 10, 2018


It's been that way for three years now and continues. Next Thursday TAG (Technical Advisory Group) will be discussing the "Off-Site Investigation Report" written by GHD and announced in an e-mail yesterday by Woolwich's part time TAG and RAC secretary. The date on the report is February 14, 2018. According to the Correspondence Page which is part of the TAG Agenda and package, the report was received by Woolwich Township on that same day namely February 14/18. So why are presumably TAG and certainly other stakeholders only receiving this report more than three weeks later? This report is 218 pages long and it was e-mailed. This is disgusting.

I and other Woolwich citizens have donated thousands of volunteer hours of our time to this long standing effort. Our appreciation by Woolwich Township has generally been non existent. Apparently now it includes intentionally sitting on 218 page reports for more than three weeks immediately before they are to be publicly discussed. Oh and by all means don't think about sending a written copy to citizens who you know read them cover to cover. Send an e-mail so along with their time you can also cost them paper, ink cartridges and printer wear. Just in case Woolwich you are missing my message please feel free to go ...k yourselves.

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