Friday, January 23, 2015


Today's Woolwich Observer carrys the following story (not on-line yet) "Grant will help CPAC continue its investigations". Regarding the Stroh Drain the Observer states "Following a review of previous data, financed in part by a $10,000 grant in 2014, there are concerns DDT and other contaminants will be found on that part of the property, perhaps leaching into the drain and creek, and ultimately into the Grand River system said CPAC Chairman Dan Holt."

The Observer also states "While the committee has stepped up its efforts to monitor the site- the source of contaminants in the aquifers under Elmira, among other environmental issues- its findings and concerns have gained no traction with either the company or the Ministry of the Environment. Both groups have recently pulled away from meetings.".

Further "Coun. Patrick Merlihan pointed out that the findings and resultant expert study last year that found a list of deficiencies has failed to produce action from either the chemical company or the government.".

Similarily "In that vein, Coun. Mark Bauman argued responsibility for funding the kind of studies CPAC wants to do really rests with Chemtura and the ministry, neither of which has been cooperative.".

The Observer further added "We know under their property is a horrible mess," said Bauman, noting it's important to know what might be seeping off of Chemtura's land.".

What is clear here is that Chemtura and the M.O.E. are pulling away from CPAC exactly as Uniroyal/Chemtura did in 1999 when the heat got too much for them. In 1999 the issue was air emissions inflicted upon the residents of Duke St. in Elmira. CPAC took the company to task and did not accept their excuses. Uniroyal walked out of the middle of a UPAC meeting and stayed out for 18 months before being sweetalked back by UPAC Chair Pat Mclean and the CCPA (Canadian Chemical Producers Assoc'n). The CCPA told Uniroyal they would never get *Responsible Care verification if they didn't dialogue with the community through CPAC.

Any individual or party suggesting that CPAC are currently at fault or responsible for Chemtura's and the M.O.E.'s non-cooperation and pitiful whining and complaining are either uninformed, unintelligent or biased or all three. Biased would include any politician more worried about upsetting the status quo both with the provincial government or with Chemtura's continued presence here in Elmira. Has Chemtura actually gone so far as to threaten local politicians that they will pull up stakes if the Township keep supporting CPAC? I've got news for you. Eventually they are going to do exactly that. If not today then tomorrow and appeasing them for the sake of an extra year or two is ridiculous.

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