Thursday, January 29, 2015


Chemtura have long hidden behind their well paid consultants Conestoga Rovers. Outlandish, ridiculous claims of hydraulic containment, Elmira Aquifer cleanup, non-presence of DNAPLS, alleged inability of DDT and Dioxins to mobilize etc. the list is nearly endless. When push comes to shove however it is the Ontario Ministry of the Environment who have always been there for them. Ever since the October 7, 1991 Indemnity aka "Sweetheart Deal" the Ontario M.O.E. have covered up all of Chemtura's dirty little pollution secrets. The M.O.E. are corrupt. And they are crybabies just like Chemtura.

At last October's public CPAC meeting we gained insight into that. Steve Martindale pulled out all the stops and advised CPAC, the media and the gallery including Woolwich Councillors Larry Shantz, Pat Merlihan, Scot Hahn and Mayor Shantz about how often he reads this Blog (Elmira Advocate) and how upsetting it is to senior Ministry Staff. Oh boo hoo. They are such hypocrites that just like Chemtura they believe they have both the right to lie to the public and the right not to be called on it. Stop lying and I'll stop calling you on it. It really is that simple.

It's all about Peter Gray's MTE Report. I'm going to put that in large letters especially for the politicians who are masters at deflection. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MTE REPORT ! 6 1/2 pages of text followed by Figures and Diagrams from previously submitted M.O.E., CRA, RMOW (CH2MHILL), Morrison-Beatty and other consultants reports submitted primarily on behalf of Chemtura Canada and the M.O.E. themselves. And allegedly neither Chemtura/CRA nor the M.O.E. can read and analyse this brief 6 1/2 page Report since last October. BULLSHIT!

Now both Chemtura and the M.O.E. are only boycotting CPAC for one reason. They are boxed into a corner by facts and they desperately need local politicians to bail them out. Afterall isn't that the essential purpose of politicians? It is to run interference for both corporate interests and other levels of government in need. Scratch my back during a crisis and we the province will scratch yours. Stay tuned and watch how local politicians do their damndest to extricate Chemtura and the M.O.E. from CPAC's facts, reports and honest actions.

These current CPAC members are Dr. Dan Holt, Dr. Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach, Vivienne Delaney, Graham Chevreau, Ron Campbell and Council appointed Mark Bauman. SWAT members are Richard Clausi, Dr. Henry Regier and myself Al Marshall. These are the real deal. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES ! New members will be Chemtura mouthpieces and vetted by them. Honourable mention goes to Ken Jensen and Paul Menkveld who while technically SWAT members have been otherwise occupied.

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