Saturday, January 31, 2015


The somewhat crude expression above is currently relevant to the relationship between Chemtura and CPAC. While fortunately for both parties it hasn't exactly occurred I believe that at a minimum CPAC have given Chemtura a RIN or rap in the .... . This is the second such occurrence during this CPAC's tenure. Back in 2012 CPAC and Council endorsed and passed a Resolution demanding source removal on site as the 2028 Elmira groundwater deadline wasn't going to happen. Chemtura and their acolytes demurred suggesting all was well and that CPAC didn't know what they were talking about. As Ron Campbell has often pointed out, lo and behold by November 2012 Conestoga Rovers reversed themselves and rolled out a plan to triple off-site pumping and to use source removal via In-Situ Chemical Oxidation. This was a huge turnaround all the while pretending that CPAC had no influence on them. Bullshit!

It's happened again. CPAC via Peter Gray's MTE Consultants Report has delivered the equivalent of a low blow to Chemtura's privates. Also Woolwich Council again endorsed a Resolution calling for an investigation. Three months later and Chemtura are still too embarassed to show their faces in public at CPAC meetings. While flatly refusing to respond to CPAC about that bombshell nevertheless yesterday they released a new Conestoga Rovers Report titled "East Side Surficial Soil and Groundwater Investigation Work Plan" . Conestoga Rovers & Associates Plan or CRAP for short may well turn out to be exactly that. Or not. CPAC & SWAT will read it carefully and make a determination.

Mayor Shantz, Thursday evening in Council Chambers, made a totally understandable comment. She suggested that CPAC has little or no power or authority over Chemtura. In principle she is right. However look carefully at the two CPAC Resolutions endorsed by the last Woolwich Council. I say to you and to Council that CPAC WITH COUNCIL'S SUPPORT has a strong influence on Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

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