Monday, January 12, 2015


While to date the formal Agenda has not been set by CPAC nevertheless one can pretty much know that certain items will be discussed. These include Peter Gray's MTE Report dealing with off-site flow of contaminants from the Chemtura property. They include the Stroh Drain and the "cleanup" of GP1 & 2. Perhaps there will also be discussion about the lines, scars or trenches visible courtesy of satellite photos.

How did all the other governmental agencies besides the M.O.E. and Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) miss the Stroh Drain? The Region of Waterloo and the Ministry of Natural Resources at a minimum have had dealings with this site over the decades. Perhaps even the federal government through the DFO and other departments dealing with waterways discharging into the Great lakes have had some involvement.

Facts, evidence and deductive reasoning are slowly unravelling the fairy tale CPAC and the public have been told for the last twenty-five years regarding the two gravel pits GP1 and GP2. This fairy tale required two huge elements to suceed. The first was absolute control over access to the site. The second was governmental protection, obfuscation and running interference with the media, public and CPAC. The Ministry of Environment have held up their end of the ongoing sweetheart deal and public disinformation campaign.

GP1 & 2 were not the final repository of DDT, Dioxins and Furans from Chemtura's (Uniroyal) east side pits. The entire south-east quadrant plus the neighbours' land are holding these Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). They continue to be flushed via storm events and spring floods down the Canagagigue Creek where they are resituated in the sediments and floodplain all the way to the Grand River and most likely beyond. This is with the knowledge and best wishes of the M.O.E. and our provincial government.

Absolute control over access to the site has been comprimised by both aerial photography and satellite imagery. Chemtura and the M.O.E. have a number of options. 1) They can fess up and tell the truth - highly unlikely that will happen 2) They can continue lying, deflecting and delaying - their favourite strategy 3) They can cut and run - Also a strong possibility. They will of course cry poor me and how they are being hounded and harassed but the net result is that the company will pick up their marbles and go home. The M.O.E. will mount a Public Relations campaign including slinging mud at me, CPAC and if they are really stupid at Woolwich Township.

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