Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Jeff Outhit of the Waterloo Region Record wrote an excellent article in yesterday's newspaper titled "Elmira water cleanup stalled". This article advises readers of the disagreement between Woolwich Township and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. It also focuses on matters that both the M.O.E. and Chemtura would rather avoid. Chemtura are in P.R. mode and publicly not even addressing the current issues. Instead they obviously have been told to answer all difficult questions by simply speaking about unrelated sucesses (eg. the creek is healthier than it was) or by ridiculous comments such as the 2028 groundwater cleanup is a separate isse from creek contamination. So what if it allegedly is? It's your toxic contamination in the creek affecting both the natural environment and human health. Answer the damn questions!

The current issues on the east side of the Chemtura property in Elmira are huge. Besides the known toxicity of Dioxins and DDT there are immense credibility and legal liability issues at stake. To suggest that both Chemtura and the Ministry of Environment are staffed by professional liars and deceivers might deflect the technical debate that has been thrust upon them. Make no mistake both those parties do not wish to touch this hot potato. Draining of wetlands under the best of circumstances has become contoversial. Draining them in order to mobilize toxic compounds and send them downstream, off your own property, to share with the public is just nasty.

If concerns of surrepticious, contaminated groundwater diversion off site are also verified then basically our M.O.E. may as well pack their bags and leave town right alongside Chemtura. Both M.O.E. and Chemtura claims that they have no knowledge of the thirty year old manmade Drain running parallel and twenty feet off the Chemtura property are beyond ridiculous.

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