Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I will be a Delegation at tonite's Woolwich Council meeting. Perhaps Chemtura and the M.O.E. might want to consider that it is far easier for them to bob and weave and dissemble at public CPAC meetings than it is at Council meetings. Of even more significance is the more public nature of Council meetings. While we are fortunate to have CPAC meetings covered by Gail Martin of the Elmira Independent; we get coverage from both local papers at Council meetings. The Woolwich Observer reports on CPAC Delegations to Council while they have ignored public CPAC meetings for years. The irony is that one Observer owner has advised me over the years that CPAC became mundane, boring and routine whereas the other owner just recently advised me that CPAC meetings in his opinion have become hostile and aggressive of late. Come on Pat and Joe; please get your heads together and start covering public CPAC meetings. You are doing a disservice to your readers otherwise.

There are several areas of interest in Conestoga Rovers latest literary venture regarding the alleged cleanup of GP 1 & 2. This includes far more excavating then they originally stated they would do. It seems as if all their denials of deeper contamination were simply posturing. Once they got into it they found far more in ground contamination than they were ever willing to admit to CPAC and the public. Also of interest are the photographs included in their December 2014 Report. There are several other items of interest in this report which I will mention this evening in Council Chambers at 7 pm.. These will also be discussed at the next CPAC meeting on January 29, 2015 at 6 pm.. at the same location.

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